Dam Beavers
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Download either the PC or MAC version from the "GAME" page.
PC - Extract the DamBeaversPC_Data folder and DamBeaversPC.exe from the zip file. Run DamBeavers.exe.
MAC - Extract DamBeaversMAC.app from the zip file.
Mac users can play online with PC users, and vice versa.
Settings Window
Press "Esc" to open the settings window. Toggle "Clouds" and "Shadows" off to improve performance. Press "Esc" again to close.

Local Game
There are two game modes that do not require network access or internet connetion: "1Player" (single player) and "Hotseat". Hotseat is a two player game with players taking turns at one keyboard.

Network Game
To host a direct connect game over the internet, toggle "NAT punchthrough" on and click "HOST". The host will see their GUID displayed. The joining player must then enter the host's GUID number into their GUID field and click "JOIN".
To start a two player game over a local network, toggle "NAT punchthrough" off and click "HOST". The joining player must then enter the host's IP Address and Port, and click "JOIN".

Chat Bubbles
While in a network game, you may, at any time, open a chat bubble. To do this, press "Enter", type a comment and press "Enter" again to send it.

Click on each of your beavers to cycle through their job choices.
Attack - Hurl a bomb at your opponents dam.
Defend - Position your beaver to block incoming projectiles.
Gather - Gather wood and other goodies from the forest. You'll use these items to repair holes in your dam.

When it's your turn to attack, you'll see bombs ready to launch at the bottom of the screen. The number of bombs is equal to the number of beavers you set to "Attack". If you click on these bomb icons, they change from mud bombs to acorn bombs. To launch a bomb, move the mouse pointer over your opponents dam and left click. The targeting arrow will disappear if you go out of range.

Shooter Mode
When in attack mode, click the "Shooter" button to enter Shooter Mode. The stump on the lower left of the screen shows your saved shots. Select a shot name and click "Load" to load a saved attack.
The sliders to the right of the bomb icons represent the time when the bomb will launch.
Drag the trajectory arrows to aim each shot. When you are satisfied with your attack, click "Launch". You can save an attack any time by giving it a name and clicking "Save". Click "Shooter" again if you wish to return to the standard attack mode.

Dam Repair
Before you end your turn, use items you gathered from the forest to plug holes in your dam. Select an item and click on your dam to drop it into place. Left click and drag on the "Orient Piece" view to rotate your items before you drop them. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.
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